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Teenagers are like video games: I press ALL the buttons and hope for the best!

My husband Garth (not his real name) and I were talking while doing the dishes, yesterday...because it's one of the very few times we can pretty much guarantee ourselves some privacy, at our house. PSA: Teens have a hard time figuring out when the dishwasher is clean (or dirty) unless they are specifically told the dishwasher NEEDS to be changed and then they suddenly (and very mysteriously) become SEVERELY allergic to doing the dishes. Aaaaaanyway, I was doing the math...WHAT?!? COULD happen...and realized Garth (not his real name) and I had just celebrated our 25th Thanksgiving, together. Which is REAL... Read more →

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James and The Chocolate Advent Calendar

It's the holidays, again -- or the holidaze, as we call it at our house. It hit 70+ degrees, yesterday...and the Weather Channel dudes promised 60's, today...then we're supposed to get hit with a snow storm, tomorrow...and WELCOME TO JERSEY! I even saw a couple of gnats flying around, all confused and stuff, until I squashed them against the kitchen window...because gnats are gnasty. [sound of crickets, gasping for breath] Aaaaaanyway, for the holidaze to have officially arrived at our house, at least one of three things has probably happened. A major appliance has died or is very nearly dead.... Read more →

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The Growth Plates

It's been 10 years since my parents sold their house and moved further down the shore to live in a retirement village, or what my kids fondly refer to as "Camp Mama and Papa," but they each have their own very special memories about the house on 10 Union Street and enjoy sharing stories that usually begin with, "Remember that time at Mama's and Papa's old house?" and end with my youngest not having a clue about what they are talking about. "You were just too little to remember." It's tough being the youngest, sometimes. Okay, mostly every day, especially... Read more →

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Wordless Wednesday: Under the Boardwalk

Before my claustrophobia and nyctophobia set it or the terribly weak walls of my bladder, you know, gave out -- you're welcome! Linky Love Bytes: Wordless Wednesday HQ Follow my blog with Bloglovin ©2003 -2014 This Full House with a fan page on Facebook, a way for you to subscribe to receive This Full House blog post by Email and everything! Read more →

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Garth and the Amazing Technicolor Dream House

Garth (not his real name) and I have been planning to paint our house for a long while, however, like most of our DIY projects (see also: all of them), preparing for one thing...leads to eleven more unplanned projects...which need to be addressed, first...before we can even begin thinking about starting on...ummmmm...wait, what WERE we talking about, again? [blows bangs out of eyes, looks down at hands, picks at chipped fingernail polish] OH YEAH! Painting the house. Right. So, it doesn't help that one of us is more of a...let's just sit back and wait...perhaps think about this a little... Read more →

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