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13 Things NOT On My Bucket List

Blogging while under the influence of teenagers is hard, but blogging in December is way harder and this is where my son would holler, "That's what SHE said!" from somewhere else in the house, because teenagers are very selective about their hearing and especially with regard to retaining information -- most especially when passing along said information, at the most inappropriate of times.


Oh, and I was going to throw in something about working full-time, but decided not to (you're welcome!) because life sort of has a way of coming back and biting me in the butt...REAL HARD...and I happen to looooooove AND neeeeeeed my job.

Soooooo, how about if you and I cop a squat on the couch, grab a couple of pillows and chat a little bit about anything OTHER than the not being able to identify the source of the smell emitting from the kitchen, at the moment, m'kay?!?

50 Shades of Doofus

My friend, Melissa created a brilliant list of blog post prompts to get us started...or 128 ways to help ease my current state of blogstipation...because having words stuck in your head is painful, man!

Today, I'm hitting up #7: 13 Things NOT on My Bucket List (in no particular order, but equally as terrifying):

1. Bungee jumping: I'm terribly afraid of heights. Like in can't-get-past-the-third-floor-of anything-AND-fight-the-urge-to-puke-my-brains-out-at-the-same-time-type of terribly afraid. Besides, I free fall all the time. It's not pretty, even this close to the ground. I'll be happy to cheer you on, with my eyes closed and everything.

2. Skydiving: See number one above. See also, AHHELLNO!

3. Ride in a hot air balloon: Okay, so we've pretty much established the fact that, if it's off of the ground, but I can still see the ground or feel the slightest puff of wind on my face, it's most probably on my NOT list. But I'll be happy to cheer you on, with my eyes closed, etc...

4. Hold a monkey: I've seen how they look at me, maybe start off with handshake first?

5. Look inside a mouth of a volcano: We have teenagers, been there and done that.

6. Blow glass: Considering I mistakenly suck in when blowing bubbles, all the time. 

Hang on a second...

Alright, get it out of your system...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!...and shouldn't you be doing your homework or something?!?

...thanks, moving on...

7. Have my nude body artistically painted: As far as YOU know, anyways (you're welcome!)

8. Own a fabulous pair of designer shoes: Because my feet don't write checks my mouth can't cash...wait, that didn't come out right...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

9. Have drinks in an ice bar: Because I am that dork who tries to see if their tongue sticks to the bar and...well...YouTube couldn't handle so many hits...YO!

10. Survive at paintball: Two minutes in, I'd be dead.

11. Drive a zamboni: Okay, I lied. YES!!!

11. (for real!). Go skinny-dipping: Oh wait, nevermind.

12. (because 11 is being a jerk!). Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop: Especially, NOT in an ice bar!

13. Eat frogs legs: Without eating the whole frog, I mean...because I'm an ALL-IN-type of person, as well...YO!

Okay, your turn to tell me what's on or NOT on your bucket list. Better yet, blog it!

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