13 Things NOT On My Bucket List
Free labor!

Because a picture paints a thousand words AND sometimes maybe even a house!

Contrary to what the rest of my family feels (except for my son, who celebrates his birthday on the 23rd), January is one of my most favorite months of the year. For me, waking up on New Year's Day is sort of like turning to a fresh page in a brand new notebook or purchasing a novel I've been aching to read.

Half the excitement is in the anticipation of the journey, equaled only by the endless possibilities in watching the progression of a story unfold.

Personal blogging is a lot like that: I have ALL the words in January, but then life begins to quickly insist on equal (if not more) facetime and, well, trying to weed through all the suckage...day in and day out...has a way of knocking even the most coherent sentences...senseless.

Case in point, see previous paragraph.

Long story short: My kids and I have literally grown up in this space and celebrating the start of 2015 also means I've now entered into my 12th year of blogging, however, I'm personally finding it increasingly difficult to write -- not without feeling as if I'm being kept behind the border of some imaginary line of what is or isn't blog-worthy.

Excuse my Jersey, but FRIG THAT!

I take a lot of pictures, every day. I also share a lot of photos on social media, because they are moments that have either given me a good laugh or moved me in some way and...honestly...I enjoy sharing laughs and movements are good, too.

Photos have always been an inspiration to the stories I've shared here at This Full House, in fact, this blog has morphed into a timeline of sorts for...oh, I don't know...like settling family disputes or dating our appliances.

For example, when our water heater broke (among other things) last month:

Garth (not his real name): When did we get this &%#$ing water heater, anyways?!?!

Me: Wait, let me check the blog.

[one beat, two beats]

Me: We got the &%#$ing water heater in September 2009, when I posted about Our Date night on Twitter.

Social media is awesome, but it will never replace blogging...not completely...because you can squeeze only so much awesome into 140 characters, right?!? RIGHT?!?

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Right. Soooo, for my first blog post in 2015, I grabbed my phone...looked out my kitchen window...and grabbed a shot of the very first thing I saw, you know, for inspiration:

Day 1 January Blues

It's a photo of my husband, Garth (not his real name) and he's painting the house...again.

So, besides explaining to you why he is painting the house in January, I can also prove to our insurance company that:

  • YES!!! My husband is painting the house!!!
  • He has been TRYING to get the house painted since around Thanksgiving!!!
  • But he also works 3 out of 4 weekends, most every month.
  • And he's literally freezing his ball-bearings off!!!
  • Still TRYING to get the house painted!!!
  • BY JANUARY 16th!!!
  • Which is the deadline before they cancel our homeowner's insurance!!!
  • If we don't get the house painted.
  • BY JANUARY 16TH!!!
  • And did you know that paint is best applied only in temperatures ABOVE 35 degrees?!?!
  • Because, WINTER!!!

Stupid insurance company, dumbass exterior latex paint.

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