Pörkölt: Hungarian Beef (Pork, Lamb or Chicken) Stew
One Flew INTO the Cuckoo's Nest

The Gifts That Keep On Giving!

I loved whenever my kids would bring their school projects home and, considering we've had a kid in preschool, grade school, middle school or high school since 1996, we have certainly collected a fair amount of "pretties" over the years.

Every now and again, I'll find a construction paper greeting card tucked deep in between some books or reach for a pen and grab one with a plastic daisy (my favorite flower) taped to the end of it and I'll remember...ohhhhh, yeah...this was the Mother's Day card Glen made me and that is the pen that Hope gave me one Christmas.

Clay pots

In fact, these 4 little clay pots are the first thing I see...every morning...stacked by oldest to youngest, from top to bottom, all dusty and everything.

Ask me what we ate 2 nights ago and I'll give you an epic.........[blank stare]........oh, wait a minute...I just blogged it, like yesterday...haaaaaaaaang...onnnnnnnnnn...okay, it was my favorite go to family meal: Hungarian Beef (Pork, Lamb or Chickent) Stew!

[blink-blink, blows bangs out of eyes, blink-blink]

Soooooo, point being (because I really do have one) I've got a real super-selective memory.

Me: Can I use your really pretty tea-infuser cup?

I've been trying to cut down on my coffee consumption. That's right, I said it! Because I've recently got hooked on drinking loose tea (I blame Melisa!) and I couldn't remember where in the heck I put my little plastic infuser, but found my daughter's really prettiful tea cup with lid and everything!

Holly: You mean, YOUR really pretty tea-infuser cup?

.......[blank stare]........

Holly: I gave it to you for Christmas, 3 years ago!

My prettiful almost new tea infuser cup

Ohhhhhhhh, isn't that niiiiiiice?!?.........[blank stare]........AAAAAAAAND I LOVE IT!!!

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