Blogtexting, Unfiltered
Watch Out, Watch Out, She's Got Man-fingers!

Blogtexting, Almost!

Upside: I figured out how to insert images into blog posts from my cellphone...FINALLY!!!

YAY!!!! And, SHEW!!! Should make my posting every day (like Casey does, because she's wicked-smaht, like that!) a little easier...I know, I know...just smile and pretend like it could happen, a'ight?!?

Next Up: Figuring out how to add a title and perhaps set it up so the blog post defaults to "draft" and does NOT publish before adding a title and maybe even a sentence or two, sigh.


So now I'm all aggravated and totally forgot what I was going to write about my son surprising us with these warm and awesomely awesome cinnamon crescent rolls he baked fresh for us, for dessert.

On second thought, enough said.

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