Wordless Wednesday: Unfrozen
Teenagers, You Goth To Love Them!

Toiletexting: It's A Real Problem - At Our House, Anyways!

I started blogging in 2003 (with 4 kids home all under the age of 10) and I remember how most of my mom and dad friends (at the time) thought I was soooooooo crazy, because who has the time...really?!?

Christmas 2002
Photo of my Mom with her grandrugrats, taken circa 2003 B.P. (before picmonkey)

They were right, of course! Those were some crazy-busy daze, my friends! On the other hand, blogging was (and still is) cheaper than therapy.

And then Facebook happened (i.e. one of the top ten BIGGEST time sucks in internet history) and now we can ALL meet up for some coffee (or cawfee, if you're from Jersey), rather than wave at each other as we attempt to maneuver our way OUT of a school parking lot (I don't miss having to do school drop-offs and pick-ups anymore, NOT ONE BIT) and now we can discuss parent-type things...on the internet...in our pajamas...from the privacy of our own bathrooms and everything...YO!!!

Looking back on it now, I kind of...sort of...almost...miss those crazy-busy daze...but living in a house with 3 teens and 2 other adults can get really weird, too!!!

Most especially when one of them texts you...from the bathroom. 

Teens Toiletexting Exhibit A

I was warming up the car to take our youngest to school, because they haven't shoveled the bus stop (which is a whole OTHER blog post!) and, well, standing out in 13 degrees...with a wind chill of minus HOLY CRAP IT'S COLD...would make me have to go to the bathroom, too!

Teens Toiletexting Exhibit B

Moral of the Story: Teens are REAL DEEP sleepers and GAHDFUHBID one of them replaces the toilet paper!

By the time I got back inside the house, Holly was already awake and had gotten her baby sister some toilet paper. And I would have been MORE pissed about it...if it weren't for the fact that...after getting out of the car and going back into the cold...I also had to go to the bathroom...like REAL bad, too...YO!!!

[sound of crickets, sighing]

Dumbass polar vortex, stupid weak bladder!

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