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Everyone has a story, here's yours!

I'm headed to Chicagoland to visit my sistuh-from-anuh-thuh-muh-thuh, Melisa (YAY!) so my husband dropped me at the airport a little early before going into work, today.

Ticketing Agent: I'm sorry, but you can't check in any earlier than 4 hours before your departure.

Fiiiiiiine, I was waaaaay earlier, but it's okay.

Garth (NHRN): Maybe you can see if there is an earlier flight you can get on.

The thing is, here's the thing: This particular flight has first come first served sort of seating and I had a pretty good boarding spot.

Me: I don't mind, I'll just watch all the people.

Yep, I'm a people-watcher. I can sit and observe and imagine all sorts of stories, for hours. Good thing I have a couple of hours (or twenty) before my flight leaves. Take these guys, for example:


They are a father and son traveling together, but there's a problem. The son has declined his spot in the university generously funded by his father, insisting he'd much rather go into the family business of importing olive oil, but dad has higher aspirations for his son and, although the business has kept their family well fed and allowed each of them to live better than most, it isn't exactly legit.

Father (talking as if his mouth was filled with cotton balls): Michael, you are my youngest son, I want more for you.


What? You heard this story already?

**sound of crickets, chirping**

I'm from Jersey, what'ya want from me?

Oh, HEY! We're about to board, now! Good thing it took me 2 hours to hunt and peck this post out on my phone.

Maybe I'll figure out how to upload a picture that is not sideways, on my way back -- you're welcome!

Edited to add: A big THANK YOU to Melisa for emailing me my blog post, after I went back in to edit a typo and then accidentally deleted it, because I am a special sort of that...yo!

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