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Yes, My Daughter And I Love Kinky Boots And OMG, TODRICK HALL!

I was excited to have been invited to attend an evening performance of Kinky Boots The Musical on Broadway last week, and absolutely thrilled about my being allowed to bring a guest, so I asked my 15-year old if she would like to join me, you know, for a Mother/Daughter Broadway date, or something. Todrick Hall (c)Matthew Murphy OMG!!!...was her response, followed by...TODRICK HALL!!!...and then...OMG, TODRICK HALL!!!...and this is about the time I started to feel really, really excited about these tickets...beeeeecause...OMG, 15-YEAR OLDS ALMOST NEVER SMILE...and...OMG, MY 15-YEAR OLD CANNOT STOP SMILING!!! Rainstorm or nah, #KinkyBoots here we come! #motherdaughtergoals A photo posted by Liz Thompson (@thisfullhouse) on Nov 29, 2016 at 1:43pm PST So, whose idea was Kinky Boots, and why should EVERY teenager (and future parents of teenagers) see it? The cast of Kinky Boots (c)Matthew Murphy I'll be totally honest with you, not having read the... Read more →

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