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Desperately Seeking Adultier Adults, Since 2003!

I've been blogging for a while -- like the equivalent of a Jurassic period of time, in Internet years -- and man have things changed since those early days of dialing in and waiting more than a nano-second for your modem to connect, I could:

  • Clean up breakfast
  • Take a shower
  • Or not
  • And then eat MY breakfast, for lunch

And I'd still have time to pick my two oldest up from pre-school, before FINALLY getting online!


For my first blog post of 2017, however, I'm going to attempt to do what I've done for the last 13 years -- THIRTEEN years, that's a WHOLE teenager, you guys! --  I'm going to continue to share stuff that will hopefully help OTHER folks feel WAY better about themselves.


Because adulting is hard, right?!?! Not to mention, when you're already sharing valuable head space with other adults, successfully adulting adultier adults, RIGHT?!?! 

[passes remote control, hugs throw pillow a little tighter]


[cracks knuckles, blows side bangs out of eyes]

You've heard of Pregnancy Brain, right?!? How about Mommy Brain, or maybe Momnesia?!? Yep, I feel it pretty safe to say we've each experienced bouts of forgetfulness; however, did you know that the severity of these bouts increases exponentially by the number of kids you have living in your house, at the time?!? For example:

  • Kid #1: Note to self -- remember to order multiple copies of school pics, one for each season, because...OMG!...soooooo cute!
  • Kid #2: Note to self -- maybe order the Spring pics only, because...well...they've GROWN SO MUCH since September...and they seemed to have gotten a little more pricey (the pics AND the kids) and the Spring pics really DO have the prettiest backgrounds.
  • Kid #4: Wait, what grade are you in, again?!?!

So, today I remembered to order Glen's (a.k.a. Kid #3) senior photos.

Glen As A Senior, I think
Glen's senior pic, I think!

Because I just found the reminder (hiding on top of the printer, with the rest of the incoming mail) and we're late (with ordering pics, not like late late, because NO MORE PREGNANCY BRAIN FOR ME!), we're 2 months past the DEADLINE, but I felt ZERO guilt when hearing my husband on the phone with the studio, because DAYUM SCHOOL PICS ARE 'SPENSIVE!

Garth(NHRN): I paid them the balance and they're going to mail the pics to us!

[blank stare]

Me: Great, and if the grandparents happen to ask about them in a couple of months, I'll know EXACTLY where to look!

Long story, short: I'm sorry to have to tell you that adulting does NOT get any easier, especially when adulting adult and almost-adult kids, BUT you DO become more forgiving, especially with yourself, so there's that!

On the other hand: Don't let someone make you feel like you're not doing this whole adult thing right, because THEIR KIDS will probably grow up to believe they've been doing it ALL wrong too, anyway -- YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

On the OTHER other hand: My kids feel real lucky whenever I do get their names right AND thank goodness Kid #4 has made it to her sophomore one piece...or at least, I'm pretty sure she's a sophomore...ahem.

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Stupid school photos, dumbass adulting.

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