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That Time My Page Got Kicked Offa Facebook, And Made Me Thankful For Google Photos, ALMOST!

I received a notification from Facebook recently, letting me know that...HEY!!!...we're going to delete this page you created, forever ago...because WE ARE FACEBOOK...and whatever Facebook wants, FACEBOOK GETS, right?!?! At first, I was all...meh, there hasn't been any activity on this particular page since 2010...and A LOT has happened, since then...soooo, who cares...g'head, deeeeeeleeeeeete it!!! And then, the logical more smarter part of my brain kicked in (yes, it DOES exist!) and something inside me said....hey, DUMBASS!!!....maybe you should click on over and see what got Facebook all...WE'RE KICKING YOUR PAGE OFFA know...just in case.

Hey look! The year I let my son color the top of his head blue, because it's funny to think that he's halfway through boot camp now, but I am and always will be THAT mom!

OMG! I totally forgot about TFH Photoblog - started in 2009, when photo journals were ALL the rage (and Facebook was still a toddler), using the BESTEST, AWESOMEST, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER, not to mention, ABSOLUTELY FRIGALICIOUS camera...EVUH!!!...gifted to us from GarthNHRN...back when people still used cameras know...we actually had spending money.

I called this one, Riptide -- dang, that was pretty clever of me (WAS SO!) 

I then remembered about Google photos and...HEY!!!...there is a whole BUNCH of stuff backed-up and stored over there, fact, there's quite a few my kids would NEVER appreciate my much as I do...RIGHT NOW!!!

Girls Room 1 Girls Room 2
Like that one 2013...when we repainted the girls' room and it was SUPER-clean...for about a week...ahhhhhhh...THOSE were the good old daze, my friends!!!

Jim Craig and Me
1980 U.S. Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Craig and...ummmmm...well, you know, I don't know who THAT weirdo standing next to him is, sheesh, what a dork!

Oh, and that time I met MY teenage crush, Jim Craig...look it up, youngsters...which brings to mind ALL of the awesome opportunities and partnerships I've worked towards, as a blogger, since the beginning of time...including my current full-time job...thanks to this here blip in the blogosphere...BUT...I still look good, DANGIT!!!

The last time Doofus visited with my parents, to help celebrate my Dad's birthday last year, because he was SUCH a good dog, we miss you, Doofy!

And then there are photos that pull at my heart strings...LIKE A VIRTUAL TUG OF WAR...because who knew these little moments would one day bring on HUGE feelings of joy and gratitude, ALL THE FEELS, captured in one photograph.

I think it's also NO small coincidence that today happens to be Throwback Thursday, weird, right?!? RIGHT?!? Riiiiiiiight. And just think, if it wasn't for Facebook YELLING AT ME, on a Throwback Thursday, I maybe would've missed this opportunity to stop, drop, and scroll through a decade's worth of This Full House. All the feels. ALL OF THEM!

Because one day...not too far into the distant future...these kids will have kids of their own extremely-spoiled grandchildren (by me, of course!) will thank their [insert some really cool and hip grandparent-like term of endearment, I haven't come up with yet, here] for giving them the opportunity to get to know what their parents were really like...when they were annoying...I mean...tweens and teens...BUT NOT JUST YET!!!

In the meantime, if anyone needs me, I'll be sitting here watching this video I found of Glen, taken during one of our family hikes this past Spring, when he tried to walk on slightly frozen water -- it's been 7 weeks since he left, it's hard to believe he's already halfway through boot camp -- I imagine he'll think worrying about getting his sneakers wet lame now, because Marines, OOHRAH!!

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