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August 2017

That Time My Page Got Kicked Offa Facebook, And Made Me Thankful For Google Photos, ALMOST!

I received a notification from Facebook recently, letting me know that...HEY!!!...we're going to delete this page you created, forever ago...because WE ARE FACEBOOK...and whatever Facebook wants, FACEBOOK GETS, right?!?! At first, I was all...meh, there hasn't been any activity on this particular page since 2010...and A LOT has happened, since then...soooo, who cares...g'head, deeeeeeleeeeeete it!!! And then, the logical more smarter part of my brain kicked in (yes, it DOES exist!) and something inside me said....hey, DUMBASS!!!....maybe you should click on over and see what got Facebook all...WE'RE KICKING YOUR PAGE OFFA know...just in case. Hey look! The year... Read more →

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