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Failing On MY OWN Terms, DAMMIT!

Warning: I’m about to dump a bunch of raw words into your feeds, but I really need to throw my intentions out into the ether, you know, to make sure that shit sticks. Okay, now that the straights are gone, I can open up and speak a couple of truths, and if you're still here, thank you! I walked away from my “dream job” a year ago: A position that allowed me to financially support our household, while GarthNHRN and I continued to help care for our handicapped parents. I turned my back on people (team members/friends) who trusted me... Read more →

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How To Live A Good Story, Just Write

Since you've been gone, Evelyn Grace Thompson has happened, and she's got her Nagy Papa's eyes, too. I sat down and logged into my blog, for the first time in a very long while, and found a post sitting in draft mode for more than 2 years: A funny parody of Children's Songs I was attempting to adapt for the Sandwich Generation: Think "The Wheels on the Bus" as "The Wheels on the Rollater," going round, and round. Which I finally deleted (frankly, there's nothing funny about getting old) and then I found myself deleting more than typing—because now, everything... Read more →

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