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Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: You say goulash - but, I say it's gulyas - let's just call it soup!

I have this friend - YES, she knows I'm a Dork and still, you know, let's me hang with her - who takes it upon herself to remind my children, to remind me, not to know...things like, an upcoming class party, or when they should NOT come to, tomorrow...and Friday...Monday, too...I think...because, there isn't, I mean...and they'd be the only ones there and other stuff. "Don't forget about Saturday!" I'm sure she didn't notice the extremely blank look on my face, since she wasn't talking to me, as she continued keeping my 8-year-old son up-to-date about his... Read more →

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Parenting Tip #22,915,002: Never underestimate the power of sustainable housekeeping!

Years ago - before kids and killer dust bunnies took over my brain - my husband and I had dinners and entertained a lot (with real food!) and for the "entertainment" portion of the evening, he used to love to play dirty little housekeeping tricks on me. "Watch this!" [places wine glass on cocktail table] "7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2..." [places coaster under wine glass and wipes table] "Can I get anyone, anything?" [lots of giggling] "She's nuts, I tell ya'!" Okay, so maybe I used to be a little overzealous about the cleaning - a domesticated freak show,... Read more →

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The best part about giving birth is when my husband does NOT think it is that easy, either, along with other things anyone can do with a glue gun!

After 2-1/2 hours of labor -- not to mention, enough time for me to get the grocery shopping done -- my husband helped give birth to my son's idea of the perfect brother, as his science recycle project, last night. "Ah, he's adorable - what's his name, honey?" I quickly took a picture with my camera phone of - what I thought - was the cutest little robot, I'd ever seen! But, you know, I could have sworn I'd seen the look on my husband's face, before. "It' mean,, wait...Spike...yeah, that's it...his name is Spike Dude!" Let's see -... Read more →

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