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Eggs Are Stupid, Let's Throw Husbands At Them!

My husband, Garth (not his real name) and I have been married for...uhhhhhh...okay, so we've been married for nearly...ummmmm...a lot of years, however, we still sometimes experience ah-HAH moments, you know, liiiiiike enjoying a quiet morning walk before work, while I try and figure out my travel schedule and my husband goes through our meal plan for the week, and...whoa...we're both all...maaaaan, but how our lives have changed, eh?

My husband has taken over a lot of the cooking and it's not like I don't know HOW to cook (been doing it since I was 10!), now I just sometimes forget.

"You want me to hard boil some eggs for breakfast?"

Two of our kids are home sick and, trust me, I know that they're old enough to take care of themselves, NO DOUBT, but I was raised by a Hungarian Grandmother (and Mother), the first cough or sniffle...would break out their mental list of old world remedies, half of which my kids should be VERY happy I've forgotten about.

"Des, pleabe!"

I put up a pot of water to boil and then grab an entire dozen...of eggs...because there are half-a-dozen of us currently living here AND my kids have mastered the art of sharing...especially, viruses!!!...and then I break out my fool-proof hard boiled egg recipe:

  • Put eggs into a pot of water
  • Bring eggs to boil
  • Remove pot from heat
  • Cover and let the eggs sit for twenty minutes

"There's a trick to peeling these, watch!"

I grab the pot to show my middle girl the trick to peeling hard boiled eggs, and then my husband walks into the kitchen.

"You know, there's a trick to peeling those..."

Here's the thing.


The thing is, I know my husband has been doing A LOT of the cooking, and the food shopping, and the everything else-ing that I used to do, and yes, I am blessed he wants to help...BLESSED!...but I already KNOW the trick to peeling hard boiled eggs!

"Empty the water, cover the pot, and shake the eggs around, like this!"

And it WOULD have worked, if I had remembered to set the timer.

Fool-boiled eggs
Aaaaaand, THIS is what hard boiled eggs are NOT supposed to look like!


The end.

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NaBloPoMo 2015: The Joy Of My Husband's Cooking!

With my working full-time and commuting into "the city" (NYC, if you live in and around "the city") 3 days out of the week, my kids and my husband have taken over some of the cooking...okay, they do a lot of the cooking...fiiiiiiiiiine...I haven't cooked a solid meal since April.

Oatmeal Craisin Cookies
Oatmeal craisin cookies

Garth(NHRN) is an especially gifted baker and I would do almost anything to bite into one of his delectable cookie creations (that's what SHE...I mean...that's right, I said it!) like those up there, they ARE my favorite! And now he's experimenting with real food.

Chicken Casserole
Herbed chicken casserole

Whenever my husband is home, I start looking forward to lunchtime at 11:30 a.m. Because he'll almost always place a plate on my desk, while describing EXACTLY how he mixed this with that and threw in some more of that stuff over there and...LUNCHTIME!!!! 

Peel me a pomegranite!

Oh, and my man is NOT afraid to peel a pomegranate and...NO!!!!...I am SO NOT taking ANY of this for granted. Trust me! And it's really cute how the roles have reversed and I am more than happy to give him space in the kitchen...UNTIL...he placed today's lunch plate on my desk:

Chicken YUMMY!
Grilled chicken and mozzarella on top of a bed of salad greens, zucchini, red pepper and a ginger sesame dressing

And my first thought was...WOW!!!...I'm feeling a little insecure about my place in the kitchen...I mean, he really needs to lower the bar, a little. And then I ate it in like four bites...NEVER MIND...IGNORE ME...and carry on, Garth(NHRN)!

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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Pörkölt: Hungarian Beef (Pork, Lamb or Chicken) Stew

So, yesterday I shared my secret stash of REAL paprika (seriously, I totally felt as if it should have been illegal) today I'm super-excited to be able to post one of my favorite go to Hungarian family recipes -- Pörkölt, made in a pressure cooker!

I needed to wait for it to finish cooking and then make sure to make it look all Pinterest-worthy and stuff, but mostly because I'm a little afraid of the pressure cooker and it sort of needed my full attention.

Good news is, the Pörkölt came out fantastic and I didn't blow anything up!

Porkolt - Hungarian Pork Stew
I know, riiiiiiiiiiight?!?!?!

First, a quick Hungarian lesson: Pörkölt is a stew made from beef, pork, chicken, name it and you can probably make Pörkölt out of it...and it's what most folks mistake as Hungarian Gulyás.

Hungarian Gulyás is actually beef soup made with carrots, potatoes and spaetzle-type dumplings: you can find my family's recipe for REAL Hungarian Gulyas, here!

So, on with the Pörkölt! With my sincerest apologies in advance, because I've learned to cook adding the amount of ingredients "by eye" and am really bad at actual measurements.

Hungarian Pork Stew


  • For this Pörkölt, I whacked up a 3 lb. pork roast into stew-sized pieces.
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 1 chopped green pepper (or cubanol pepper)
  • 3 cloves of garlic, chopped (or 1 1/2 teaspoons of garlic powder)
  • 3 tablespoons of Hungarian Paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional)
  • 1 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
  • I used half of a 32 oz. container of vegetable stock (so 16 ounces)
  • Salt, Pepper to taste

Putting it ALL together:

  • Heat the olive oil in a dutch oven or a deep pot
  • Saute the chopped onion and green pepper for about 5 minutes
  • Add the garlic, paprika and stir for about a minute
  • Add the crushed tomatoes and vegetable stock
  • Add salt and pepper to taste (before you add the meat!)
  • Stir in your meat
  • Add the crushed pepper flakes (optional)
  • Cook covered for about 2 hours, or until the meat is nice and tender or you could use your pressure cooker instead and get it done in about 30 mins.
  • Serve over elbow macaroni (or YOUR favorite pasta) 

P.S. This recipe would comfortably feed 8 people.

P.P.S. You can substitute any meat you'd like.

P.P.P.S. The measurement for the liquids can be adjusted to the amount of meat you have on hand (that's what SHE said!) and all you would need to do is make sure that the liquid covers the meat (see previous parenthesis!) completely.

P.P.P.P.S. If using a pressure cooker, please pay attention to the pressure cooker instructions, because I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF THE PRESSURE COOKER!!!!

Jó étvágyat (Hungarian for good appetite, pronounced yo-ate-vadj-yat)!

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Sharing My Secret Stash of REAL Hungarian Paprika.

My parents worked two (sometimes three) jobs -- we lived in a 4-room apartment, upstairs in my Grandmother's house, at the time -- so my brother and I grew up eating a lot of t.v. dinners -- remember those?!?

The salisbury steak with the chocolate pudding-ish cake was my favorite. Or was it the dinner that came with the hot apple lava? I forget. Either way, I almost NEVER ate the veggies -- they were just too squishy for, my taste.

Aaaaanyway, dinner planning during week nights and Saturdays (a.k.a. scrub the apartment, from top to bottom, or until everything smelled of bleach day) was kept real loosey-goosey.

Sundays, however, we (my grandmother, mother and I) would spend the entire morning cooking Hungarian food -- it was my favorite day! We still celebrate Sunday supper with my parents, whenever we can.

Now that my kids are older, and their palates have matured enough to believe that eating anything other than chicken fingers will most likely NOT kill them, it's fun to revisit some of my favorite childhood dishes -- especially, whenever I'm running late with putting dinner together (which is most nights, sorry guys!) and I've pretty much conquered my fear of the pressure cooker.

Ummmmm, okay I'm still a little afraid of the pressure cooker.

Tonight, I was running late with getting dinner started. SURPRISE!!! Even though my husband, Garth (not his real name) was nice enough to remember to take a pork roast out of the freezer for me, this morning.

Pork roast takes at least 90 minutes know...roast...and it was already way past hungry o'clock, so I busted out the pressure cooker and whacked up the pork roast into stew-sized pieces to make one of my favorite meals on the fly -- Pörkölt!!!

Pörkölt is a stew (made from beef or pork) and what most folks mistaken for Hungarian Gulyas -- you can fine my family's recipe for REAL Hungarian Gulyas here!

Then I reached for the a secret little place I keep it...hidden far behind the other herbs and spices...and I couldn't help but feel as if I were hiding know...illegal.

Aaaaaaand, not because I keep it in a special tin!

Hungarian Crack

...OR that it's also tie-wrapped in a plastic baggie!

Hungarian Crack 2

Not for nothing, but paprika NEEDS to be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight AND my aunt in Hungary can only afford to ship so much...every few months...and I share the delivery with my mother (a.k.a. our domestic supplier)...because REAL HUNGARIAN PAPRIKA, you guys!!!

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Tell you what, I'll share the recipe with you tomorrow, because I've been typing this blog post for...I'm not sure how long...and I forgot to put the danged timer on for the pressure cooker.

Besides...GAWDFUHBID!!!...I share something that is NOT Pinterest-worthy...right?!?


[go home crickets, you're drunk]


Stupid pressure cooker, dumbass crickets.

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The Banana Bread That Would NOT Die!

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE banana bread, it is on our top ten list of comfort foods! The thing is, here's the thing: we also LOVE bananas, we can NEVER keep enough in the house and they just don't last long enough to go all banana bread-worthy.

Yesterday, however, I saw 3 pretty close to being banana bread-worthy candidates sitting in the banana bowl and was all...YAY!!!...I'm going to make us some banana bread.

Long story, short: if you've visited with us before, for any length of time, then you probably already know -- NOTHING ever goes as planned, around here.

Good thing I'm good with not planning stuff, right?!? For example: 

There's no butter in the house!

-- no problem, substitute canola oil.

But, there's not enough canola oil in the house!

-- okay, so no biggie, make up the difference with some olive oil; it's almost the same thing, really.

Mmmmmm, it's already starting to smell REAL good up in here...oh, but HEY!!!...why are those two eggs still on the counter?

-- CRAP! Okay, so it's only been in the oven for like what? 5 minutes? Dump the batter back into the bowl (yes, I cleaned the bowl first, because EWWWW!!!) and just gently wisk the eggs in.

Are you sure you reset the timer, right? Because just not getting that...BANANA BREAD!!!...smell, anymore!

-- DANGIT! Okay, so digital timers are the devil! Actually forgetting to tell the oven it needs to "BAKE" the banana bread doesn't help any, either. Calm down, it's been only like 10 minutes (give or take 20), just remember to turn on the stupid oven.

Are you sure this banana bread is actually going to, you know, work out?

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! And if it does? It'll be a Christmas in August miracle, dangit.

Best Danged Banana Bread EVUH!
best danged banana bread, evuh!

Merry Christmas to all and may ALL your bellies be filled with...BANANA BREAD!!!

Okay, that's nice, but did it know...taste good? Seriously, what WAS the end result of the banana bread that would NOT die?!?

Best Danged Banana Bread ALL GONE!
best danged banana bread, all gone!

We killed it. The end.

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 I'm NaBloPoMo-ing it this month, feel free to check out what I've NaBloPoMo-ed, so far. Oh and just so you know, I'm unplugging on weekends and going blog free, because family time is also very...SQUIRREL!!!

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Help us share breakfast with a child in need.

I am very proud to once again partner with my friends at KelloggsAction for Healthy Kids and the Team USA athletes in helping to spread the word about the #GreatStarts program's effort to provide breakfasts to kids who might otherwise go without.

How?  By sharing ways in which you can help share breakfast with a child in need, too. This is my fourth year helping Kellogg's give childhood hunger the virtual bitch-slap it deserves. Why? Long story short, because my family is no stranger to hunger: 

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Help teens get a great start in the morning, for real!

Jim Craig and Me

As a Kellogg's KChamps partner, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with U.S. Olympic legends (that's me over there, standing with 1980 Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist...Jim Craig...seriously?!?) and athlete hopefuls representing Team USA to help kick-off the 100 day countdown to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

I know, who ever thought a dork like me would EVER be able to say that, out loud, RIGHT?!?

Kellogg's is also an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams and, now that we are just a few days away from the opening ceremonies for the winter games (February 7th, whoot!!!), I am super-excited to join the Kellogg's Team USA athletes in kicking-off the Great Starts Program for 2014 AND help share in their Olympic journey!

This month, they've challenged share tips to help other families with teens get the best possible start to their mornings: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Aaaaand, if you know me...personally and/or virtually...then you know how I like to keep it real AND snarky.

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