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Help us share breakfast with a child in need.

I am very proud to once again partner with my friends at KelloggsAction for Healthy Kids and the Team USA athletes in helping to spread the word about the #GreatStarts program's effort to provide breakfasts to kids who might otherwise go without.

How?  By sharing ways in which you can help share breakfast with a child in need, too. This is my fourth year helping Kellogg's give childhood hunger the virtual bitch-slap it deserves. Why? Long story short, because my family is no stranger to hunger: 

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Help teens get a great start in the morning, for real!

Jim Craig and Me

As a Kellogg's KChamps partner, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with U.S. Olympic legends (that's me over there, standing with 1980 Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist...Jim Craig...seriously?!?) and athlete hopefuls representing Team USA to help kick-off the 100 day countdown to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

I know, who ever thought a dork like me would EVER be able to say that, out loud, RIGHT?!?

Kellogg's is also an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams and, now that we are just a few days away from the opening ceremonies for the winter games (February 7th, whoot!!!), I am super-excited to join the Kellogg's Team USA athletes in kicking-off the Great Starts Program for 2014 AND help share in their Olympic journey!

This month, they've challenged share tips to help other families with teens get the best possible start to their mornings: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Aaaaand, if you know me...personally and/or virtually...then you know how I like to keep it real AND snarky.

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Open mouth, insert foot, antagonize a phlebotomist.

Standing room, in the waiting room, onlyI am NOT a big fan of needles and I absolutely HATED taking my kids for their shots...EVEN fellow needle phobia sufferers (a.k.a. trypanophibia) can well imagine, yes?

If no, it's okay, it simply means I closed my eyes, counted one alligator, two alligators and then cried, right along wit-em.

My son is on a specific type of medication, that requires a monthly blood test, which means I have to take him to a lab and have his blood drawn he refers to as...the place where he bleeds, on purpose...every month.

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The Friendship Bracelet

I'm NOT very good at asking for help. Oh, I ask the kids to feed the dog, change the cat litter, pick up the wet towels or take out the garbage...which becomes more of a DEMAND...especially, after asking for the 3rd or 4th time...DAMMIT!

Asking someone (especially, another mom) to do me a solid, not so much (a.k.a. a favor, do me a solid is a phrase I first heard in 1991 on an episode of Seinfeld called "The Jacket", look it up youngins!).

Long story, short (because, this WAS supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post and, well, since you're already here and everything): yesterday was a bad day and I was feeling more than just a lee-tull overwhelmed with worry...more than usual, what with living in a houseful of teens, I mean...about ALL the things.

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That time of the month, when my uterus broke the ultrasound machine.

Although 2014 marks my 11th year of blogging (that's right, I was over-sharing, before over-sharing was cool, baby!), my philosophy regarding writing about life's more sensitive issues (i.e. raising teens) has pretty much remained the same.

I only share the stuff I would feel comfortable talking front of my teens...or when meeting someone...for the first time.

Still, there's something very therapeutic about being able to, literally, write your way into a healthier state of mind, right?

Besides, there's nothing like a good brain vomit to get you moving in the right direction...which is know...far away from all the vomit.

I've even taken to discussing my girlie troubles in the most manly way I know how, in mechanical terms, to help our more squeamish blog visitors feel a little less uncomfortable.

This is not one of those times.

WARNING, FRANK DISCUSSION AHEAD: relating to the female reproductive system, while using proper medical terms, for both internal and external bodily functions, and everything.

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Together Counts: Desperately Seeking Healthy Living Through Energy Balance

TogethercountsAs a mom of 3 teens and with our youngest insisting that I quit calling her the baby (she's turning 12 this year, enough said!) I feel it safe to tell you that the secret to balance is really quite simple, because there is NO secret: balance is all a matter of perspective.  

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while running in 6 different directions (sometimes, all in the same day) and having to plan meals around our collectively busy schedules -- not to mention, those late night, last-minute school projects, due yesterday -- without one (or all) of us experiencing the proverbial crash and burn is a challenge my family and I face, every day.

That is why I am very honored to partner with as an ambassador and contributor blogger to the Together Counts blog for 2013.

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