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Yet ANOTHER reason why no one would ever mistake me for a Food Network Star

My kids will tell you that I'm a pretty good cook -- pretty much because we really haven't been to many fancy-schmancy restaurants...as a family...like, as in all together...sitting at the same table...at the same time. So, they just don't know any better...YET! Until their grandmother got them hooked on cooking shows. Okay, I lied. "Hi, my name is Liz and I am hooked on cooking shows." I grew up watching masters like Julia Child (gosh, but I miss her!) and The Galloping Gourmet (what a whack-job HE was, eh?) and even today pretend I have my very own cooking... Read more →

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A Hungarian's Recipe for Hungarian Gulash: You Say Goulash, I Say Gulyas - Let's Just Call it Soup!

This is what Hungarian Gulyas (a.k.a. Gulash, Goulash) is supposed to look like (for real!) You may or may not know that my twin brother Steve and I are first generation born Americans. Yep, we grew up in the kitchen, breathing in the delicious aromas of my mother's and grandmother's Hungarian cooking. Feel free to trust me when I tell you that there is absolutely NOTHING better than a big old steaming bowl of happiness, served up with some crusty bread, on a cold, wet, gloomy, or slightly sad sort of day. Hungarian comfort food, baby! You know that reddish-brown-gravy-laden... Read more →

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