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I'm Just Another Momma, Blogging in Her Pajamas


It's hard to believe that my middle girl was only 7 years-old when I started This Full House in 2003 and now...DAYUM!...but, look how we've BOTH grown!

So, what's this about then?

It's all Mrs. Flinger's fault -- I've been reading my blogging friend Mrs. Flinger for a long time, now.  She's a very lovely mom, a wickedly talented html coding diva and her Tweets make me snort coffee through my nose (she is THAT funny) and we've both been around the Internets for a while and can still remember when Dooce was just a girl who couldn't spell Dude.

" may think hateful things because she makes so much effing money doing the thing the rest of us do for free (we’re SO whorish like that!), you have to admit she’s kind of a pioneer."

Even though Mrs. Flinger admits she's just a girl with a blog, she's a mentor to about a bazillion people (like me) who read her blog and come to love her over the years...and she doesn't even know it.

Let's face it, blogging isn't what it used to be and I've been talking to a lot of [ahem] "old school" mom bloggers who have said the same exact thing -- how it's hard NOT to get all wrapped up  in stats and feed reader rubbish -- yet, we keep typing along with the best of them.

Wonder if Dooce feels that way, too?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed this week (I don't know how that happened, either) and was asked to provide some insight on my six year love/hate relationship with the Internet and penchant for using the word "mom" and "blogger" in the same sentence...oh, and wow...they actually printed it and nobody's more excited, or surprised, than I am, trust me!

However, the first question asked is one that I happen to get, a lot:

How do you manage to raise a family AND update your blog on a regular basis?

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Marketing to Moms: What Mombloggers Are Really Reading - I've Got Your Content, Right Here!


Okay, in real life, I'm a mom with 4 kids, 2 cats, a sock-eating chocolate lab (who thinks he's one of my kids) 1 very over-worked husband (who happens to look A LOT like Garth Brooks) and way too much laundry.

Got it.

Even though I'm just another mom -- albeit, living out loud and in full view of, well, everyone who has ever visited This Full House of dingy whites and mismatched socks -- my reasons for deciding to go ahead and hit the publishing button haven't changed much.


I may only be from Jersey -- seriously, we all know what those moms are like -- but, some of my best friends are moms (with blogs) who are used to getting by on less (barely!) or, have become quite good at parenting by the seat of their sweat pants and I'm pretty sure they haven't been to Disney, either!

So, why aren't the men (and women) in dark suits reading them...I mean, us?

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Affirmations of Why I'm Still Blogging, After All These Years


Blogging, while medicated or under the influence of fluish-like symptoms, can cause serious injury to your reputation and be awfully dangerous to your blog traffic.  Then again, I'm a mom of four, I am used to getting screwed!

Mini-me snapped the pic of me, while we were both home and feeling fluish this week, thinking it was totally cool how I could blog with one hand and hold my fluish-looking head with the other.

I'm talented like that.

You may be surprised to hear -- I know, I sure as hell am -- that I started This Full House nearly 6 years ago, at a time before statistics and SEO's ruled the blog world, and the only measure of real value was the blogger's story, itself.

Not today.

Nope, in some circles, using the words "mom" and "blogger" in the same breath is enough to get stuff thrown in your face and I'm not just talking poopie diapers or dirty laundry, either.

"Oh, those silly mom bloggers!"

I come from a long line of story tellers and -- although, my grandmother and most of my female ancestors never made it passed the 4th grade -- I'm sure my mother's life would have been a whole lot easier, if she had a blog.

Being able to blog out her frustrations, finding strength in a community that thrives on imperfection and acknowledging simple moments of joy, or peace in knowing that she was raising children who love her, anyway.

You know, the sort of stuff that we moms sometimes forget and some other people, who think we're just a bunch of suckers drinking from the same juice bottle, need to be reminded of.

[blank stare]

Like, how the word "momblogger" is making me feel like a total LOSER!

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Marketing to Moms: Setting A Precedent, By Taking It One Screw Up At A Time.

I know, you're probably tired of hearing about this (especially, if you've come here for your weekly dose of "DUH!" and witness just how I, you know, make other mothers look good) but, in light of recent events (having been messed with, recently and then making nice, nice) I feel it a moral imperative to speak out and prove, once again, that I have been named the unlikely poster child for good/bad blogger relations and, inadvertently, am setting a bad example, in a good way.

In other words, I feel like a total schmuck...AGAIN!

I love my blog and, although some people would say it is a waste of energy or feel that, surely (as a mother of 4 children) I could think of better ways to spend my time, it is one of the very few things I can call my own.

It is only here, that I can actually hear myself think.

I've learned many great things reading other people's blogs (way more smarter, than me) but, one of the things that I enjoy most about blogging is being able to help others feel better. 

About what?

Being a mother.  A wife.  A sister.  A sister-in-law.  A daughter.  A daughter-in-law.  An aunt.  A godmother.  A cousin.  A friend.  A blogger.

Because, among other things, I am all of those and have managed to screw that up, more often than not, too.

Especially as a blogger, where I've cornered the market on helping people to not only acknowledge, but embrace their imperfections and, hopefully, we ALL can learn from MY mistakes.

Yes, but it's "only a mommy blog"...right...and I do giveaways on my product review blog, a lot, I mean, how does that keep in with "my blog mission in life" and where do I draw the line?

Right now.


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Marketing to Moms: The Flipside of Bad Blogger Relations - These Are a Few of My Favorite PR Firms

Last week, at this time, I was pretty annoyed and it wasn't about my kids, either. Still.  I decided to write a post about the onslaught of viral marketing to moms on the Internets and the lack of respect I've been feeling, as a blogger, lately.

My friend (and blogging mentor) Jenn (a.k.a. Mommy Needs Coffee) has a terrific post up, giving kudos to a PR firm that she feels, gets it and it got me thinking (as usual) perhaps I should focus on the flipside and share the good things I've seen with marketing to moms on the Internets.

Especially, since (according to 71 percent of us now use the Internet to get product information and moms (like me) are going online to find opinions guessed it...other moms, like me.

Here's a list of my favorite PR Firms (in alphabetical order) and review blog networks that I have personally worked with, who I feel understand the need for blogger relations and the brands that they represent:

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Marketing to Moms & How NOT to Mess With A Blogger!

Look, it's no secret, I like getting stuff -- says so, right on my review blog -- but, what I especially like about blogging is finding out about stuff (whatever it is, I need, at the moment) connecting with others (like me) and then being able to share all the good stuff...with you guys ...FAST!

Yeah, sometimes I get invited to really cool events (seriously, even my real life friends were more than a little surprised to see pictures of Hollywood) but, I've been doing this for almost 6 years now (blogging, I mean) and, whenever I get to do really cool stuff, I am very thankful for it.

The onslaught of viral marketing to moms on the Internets, not so much.

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