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Throwback Thursday: The time my grandmother and I ran away from home with Def Leppard.

My twin bro, our Nagy Mama and me in 1986: the year of home perms and fullets (female mullet) with massive amounts of eye makeup thrown in for extra GAH!!!! I haven't written about my Nagy Mama (Hungarian for Grandmother) since when I cut her ex-husband out of the picture. It was a post that I had written and deleted many, many times, but man oh man, it felt REAL GOOD to air out some old dirty laundry. And then throw that sucker out with the trash, where it belongs. Today marks 10 years since Nagy Mama left us and,... Read more →

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Throwback Thursday: We All Fall Down

This week's #tbt post on Instagram & Facebook: This "almost" Full House, Fall 2000 This picture reminds me of just HOW much I love October: warm days, cool nights and I swear you could almost hear my son belly-laughing, after dumping leaves on Heather's head, right?!? Even today, his middle sister still bears the brunt of Glen's punking and I suspect it's because the reaction he receives is almost always still the same: Scrunches nose Purses upper lip Hands on hips Mom reminds Glen to "RUN, BOY, RUN!!!!" We had just bought that swing set. I remembered growing up with... Read more →

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